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Any good Scrivener books out there?

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Posted by Hugh
Oct 11, 2016 at 01:20 PM


Long ago, even before personal computers became popular, my work involved writing or re-writing tracts of 5,000 words or more about quite complicated subjects, at very short notice, with an emphasis on clarity. To achieve clarity, we often went through many drafts. Re-drafting was accomplished by re-arranging what had - mostly - already been written, and re-arranging was performed on the paper manuscript with scissors, Scotch Tape, staplers or glue sticks.

That was an analogue version of Scrivener before Scrivener had been invented, and minus Scrivener’s many bells and whistles. If you keep that model in mind, you won’t go far wrong - but I endorse the suggestion of the Take Control book for the details and the how-tos.