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Any good Scrivener books out there?

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Posted by jamesofford
Oct 10, 2016 at 12:23 PM


Good morning:

I am getting ready to start several big academic writing projects(Grants and journal articles), and I am thinking of moving away from Microsoft Word. Nothing wrong with Word, but it is a bit large and unwieldy for how I do my writing. I generally start with pen and paper(Yes, I am old fashioned that way. Not only is it pen on paper, but it is usually a fountain pen.) I do an outline on paper, then write a first draft on paper following the outline. After the first draft I move to the computer. At this stage things are somewhat organized, but as I write the outline starts to get a little messy.

I got interested in Scrivener some time ago when a colleague suggested it. I bought it, and then recently upgraded to version 2.X. It looks interesting and useful, particularly with regard to entering information then organizing it later, but I am having some trouble getting my head around how it works.

Can someone in the group suggest a good book that goes into the organizing side of the software? I bought Scrivener for Dummies, but it doesn’t fill my needs well. Has anyone had experience with the Take Control book about Scrivener? Or Scrivener Superpowers? Any other book suggestions? Any good websites?

Also, I will be exporting anything that I write in Scrivener to Microsoft Word-my collaborators use Word exclusively-are there any tips to keeping things organized in the move from Scrivener to Word? In particular, I want to make sure that headings and sub-heads are maintained.

Any help is greatly appreciated.