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Posted by Paul Korm
Oct 9, 2016 at 03:40 PM


Eduard, I have a suggestion.  Standalone notes are like the rows in a matrix, and daily notes are like columns.  (The metaphor works even if you flip rows for columns.)  In Ulysses and some other apps we have what is sometimes called a “Scrivener view” (because the view is so popular there).  If you select multiple sheets or documents in a view then you see an aggregated display of all those sheets—as if they formed a single document.  So why not just have one “kind” of document (standalone) and think of the calendar view as an aggregate of all the standalone documents that are referenced on that calendar date.  So, we select a calendar cell.  We see a composite of the documents containing the tasks in that cell, we can see the tasks in their original context (with notes etc.), you could add a divider between those documents to make it clear where one ends and another begins, and your could highlight the tasks that occur in that calendar cell. 

Look at me—inventing a bunch of coding work I don’t have to do!! But this might make the UX more straight forward.