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Evernote raises prices

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jul 2, 2016 at 10:41 AM


Can’t entirely agree with you, Paul. Look at DayOne for iOS and Mac… almost identical interface. Look at Scrivener for Mac and PC (and soon iOS). Look at Notebooks for iOS, Mac and PC. Look at TheBrain.

There are naturally going to be some differences, but with Evernote its like using different apps altogether. At least that’s how it feels to me.

Steve Z.

Paul Korm wrote:
OneNote is different on every OS too—isn’t that unavoidable?  It’s a
>very complicated and expensive proposition to try to deploy, maintain,
>and enhance a common set of features across multiple OS and succeed at
>every one.  The concept of a “universal” app is a pipe dream.
> >Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>My interpretation of this announcement along with the fact that EN
>>stressed their return to core functionality is that they’ve concluded
>>they can’t make money from selling other crap, so they need to recoup
>>with their service. If this is indeed what they are doing, I don’t
>>begrudge them the price hike. What I do begrudge them is creating such
>>slipshod UI… it’s like a shape shifter depending upon which device or
>>OS you’re using. This frustrates me no end. That’s the reason I
>>continually look around for another option, but like you, Hugh, I’ve
>>stuck with it due to the universality of EN.
>>Steve Z.