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Best program for lecture notes

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Posted by Jeffery Smith
Jun 5, 2016 at 02:51 AM


While the praise about OneNote makes me think I should look at it again, I really didn’t like the interface and feel of it. I only use the Mac version of Scrivener, but cannot fault it in any way. Your son might want to look at some tutorials online. In the DOS world, my entire life was in outliners (GrandView and MaxThink). If he can find a copy of Ecco Pro, I would recommend it.

On the topic of using a computer in class to take notes, some of my students end up on the Internet, much to their detriment. That alone pushes me to recommend a standalone notetaker rather than a web-based one. Please have him look at Scrivener (kudos to the earlier poster for the recommendation).