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CRIMP Defined




A pipe dream: bare bones research writer's outliner and word processor?

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Posted by williaq
Sep 20, 2007 at 05:13 AM


Keep the feedback coming gang

  Cassius—thanks for the tip—I’m downloading and trying Ability Write as I type… not looking optimistic from the feature descriptions, but it’s worth a look =\.
  Chris—Scrivener does look good, though the negatives are the 2-pane layout (for writing, I’m definitely a single-pane guy), and that I don’t have Mac access
  Sracer—I finally found a copy (like a needle in a haystack!) of pc-outline so I could read the documentation, but it doesn’t look like it handles citations / footnotes—this true?  Listpro doesn’t look like a match for single-pane writing…

For a brief moment, I almost entertained trying to have tkoutline generate the xml tags for footnoting, etc, etc.  But what am I thinking?  I’m a hack programmer at best, and I need a *tool*, not another *project* right now!

Wow.  I didn’t think that a “Single pane outliner with folding and footnotes”  would be such a vacant niche!  Woe is me.  Seriously, keep the ideas coming gang.