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Year end Outliner/PIM review/roll call

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Posted by Anthony
Jan 9, 2016 at 04:23 PM


Windows (XP)
Capture Web and Snippets:

- Wiznote kept and saved offline in a USB Wifi Flash drive (personal cloud in the pocket), indexed with Archivarius or Dtsearch (Wiznote files are zip files);
- Text fragment files created using AutoHotKey, that I feel to re-use as Sublimetext Snippets;
- Web pages saved in few folders as mht files (from IE, Opera, or Firefox with a plugin) and indexed with Archivarius or Dtsearch.

Outliner Writing:

- Framemaker 6 or 7 with plugins of Outliner and Autotext;
- Sublimetext with plugins for root file management and latex/markdown editing.

Organizer and management of PDFs:

- Files left in Windows Explorer with tagging metadata and file organization, by using:
  - Bridge;
  - Directory Opus.

Still keeping an eye in 2016:
- Ultrarecall, Rightnote, Connectedtext, TheBrain, Mybase, Myinfo among others.

Waiting and Hoping, but not holding my breath:
- Writing outliner for MS Word without both long document slowness and property file system;
- Scrivener that writes and prints equations properly and with a better pdf reader;
- Sublimetext with a full outliner plugin.