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Year end Outliner/PIM review/roll call

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Posted by Franz Grieser
Jan 8, 2016 at 07:54 PM


My setup in 2015

* E-Mail: Outlook on Windows and Mac, iOS Mail
* Calendar: Outlook, iOS Calender plus Week Cal
* ToDo: LibreOffice Calc
* Writing: LibreOffice Writer, Microsoft Word 2016, Ulysses on Mac and iOS
* Text expansion: PhraseExpress (Win), TextExpander (Mac, iOS)
* Proofreeading: Papyrus (Win/Mac) for German and Grammarly (web service) for English
* Clustering, brainstorming, outlining: Scapple, Xmind, Scrivener (less and less), Word 2013/2016, LibreOffice Calc
* Publishing: Jutoh for e-books, LibreOffice PDF export, Wordpress
* Notes: Evernote (Win/Mac/iOS), NoteCase Pro (Win/Mac), OneNote (Windows only), Ulysses

Plans for 2016
* Getting rid of Evernote.
Reasons: Organizing several notebooks in EN is cumbersome - I prefer using folders over tags, and while you can create folders using them is ... Moreover, for a while EN did hang on my Macbook Pro - uninstalling or upgrading did not help; in the meantime, EN works again. Same thing on my iPad 2, these problems are gone now, too. Nevertheless, my trust in EN is going down.

Alternatives I will test over the next weeks:
- NoteCasePro: biggest advantage is the support for Windows and Mac OS X
I just moved part of my stuff over to NoteCase Pro and try to see how I get along. Importing worked in an older version of NC but not in the current NC 4.1.1. Miroslav has been very responsive, he sent me a couple of updates over New Year trying to fix the import bug; so far it hasn’t been resolved.
- DevonThink
- Curio

* Trying new tools
Zengobi Curio

* Crossover for Mac OS X
for running Office 2013 and 2016 for Win on my Mac Mini (still hoping to get rid of my Windows PCs)