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Year end Outliner/PIM review/roll call

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jan 8, 2016 at 02:15 PM


Not a lot has changed with me. I’ve got three platforms to cover.

Windows PC at work:

- TheBrain 8 is my primary information/project manager
- OneNote is my tool for sharing information with colleagues
- Evernote for keeping key data sync’d across all devices
- Asana for team task management (new in 2015)

MacBook for personal:

- TheBrain 8
- Ulysses as primary writing tool
- Scrivener as writing tool for larger projects
- Alternote (as Evernote surrogate)
- DayOne for journaling

iPad Air:

- Ulysses
- DayOne
- Evernote

Looking forward to TheBrain 9 and Scrivener for iPad in 2016.

Steve Z.