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Year end Outliner/PIM review/roll call

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Posted by Hugh
Jan 2, 2016 at 04:07 PM


Paul Korm wrote:
For 2015, I’m pleased with how Curio and iThoughts (all platforms)
>continue to mature and I anticipate continuing evolution of new features
>for them.
> >I think Ulysses has plateaued—in a graceful way.  It’ll continue to
>be a workhorse even with no major new changes—I’ll be glad to be
>wrong, but it seems The SoulMen are mainly producing tweaks, now.
> >New discoveries such as MarginNote and Quiver have been delightful,
>niche tools. 
> >I usually divorce OmniFocus a couple times a year, and did so again in
>2015.  We’re re-engaged now, as ever, because I just never find a good
>all-round non-cloud alternative that I trust.f
> >The AppleWatch I bought is fun, but clearly a “never again” moment.  The
>latest iterations of iPhones and iPads seem to offer few real-world
>benefits—the Apple fan-bloggers are bending over backwards to flog
>the new products—it’s a bit embarrassing to read some of the claims
>for 3D Touch, e.g.,  I think Apple maybe has run out of paradigms to
>shift.  But, it must be nice to reach a plateau as the richest corporate
>in the world.
> >Disappointments include NovaMind which began 2015 promising major
>features on all platforms then went into radio silence after collecting
>upgrade fees for these features, and never delivering them.  NovaMind
>cloud is a standalone project that has little value as a result, and
>NovaMind iPad is still vaporware.  I’m sure I’ll continue to be a
>sucker for pre-paying enthusiastic developers for features that never
>appear (MailMate 2—now about 2 years past due; Butler—now defunct,
>etc.) because I like indie developers.
> >For 2016 I’m looking forward to DEVONthink 3 (cool advances there),
>Scrivener iPad (I hope I hope), TheBrain 9 (looking good in alpha
>testing).  There’s no danger of loss-of-CRIMP.
> >Happy new year, all!

Pretty much my thoughts too (without any inside knowledge of DT3, but with the hope that it’s useful enough to entice me back from the Finder/file system, and with a loss on NovaMind that leaves iThoughts and MindNode more appealing - the only slight consolation being that as far as I can remember my upgrade fee should last till 2017 or 2018, by which time NM should have decisively either delivered or deceased).

Happy crimping to all in 2016.