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Scrivener for mobile?

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Posted by Hugh
Oct 17, 2015 at 05:56 PM


If you go the Literature & Latte forums and Keith Blount’s blog, you’ll find more (much, much more) about this. As I understand the reasons for the delay, L&L has been struck by the sort of personnel problem that a larger team would have easily ridden out; in addition, the tasks of creating something like the full breadth of Scrivener’s functionality on iOS and enabling sync-ing of Scrivener’s multi-file format between iOS and Windows and OS X have both proved very challenging indeed. But as you say, the evidence is that the end of all this effort is at last in sight.

However, as I implied in another thread: I value Scrivener for what it is, not what I hope it might become. But because I’ve liked the goals and approach of the L&L team since Scrivener was first launched eight or so years ago, I’ve been very sorry to see all the travails Keith and co have faced over their iOS project.