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Mellel for iPad

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Posted by Hugh
Jun 23, 2015 at 12:13 PM


Thanks, Bill. I’ve long been interested in Mellel. I perceive it as being in a Mac long-form word processor hierarchy of three or so, with Mellel at the top as both the most capable and the most complex, including elements of page-layout functionality, Nisus Writer Pro with its terrific macro library in the middle, and Ulysses (and other Markdown editors) as the simplest at the bottom. (Scrivener I see primarily as a long-form drafting tool, though of course many people now use it successfully for both word-processing and publishing - and MS Word - well Word is Word.) I would have invested in Mellel long ago, but gone are the days when I had to compose impressive-looking reports with type flowing round tables and graphs. Nisus is ideal for my current purposes, except that, unlike Ulysses and now Mellel, frustratingly it alone of the three has no iOS sibling.