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OT: PIM Software Support and Responsiveness

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Posted by Hugh
Jun 13, 2015 at 12:10 PM


I have always been impressed with the responsiveness of the Literature & Latte (i.e. Scrivener) team. For example, I remember that, several years ago, when Keith Blount was more or less the sole developer and customer-service responder, he used to alert users to his holiday dates and weekends away, in case they had problems, and even then he promised to respond and did so, just less quickly. Later he signed up AmberV, one of the cleverest Mac experts around - manifestly intelligent and articulate on Mac forums even in pre-Scrivener days. The service provided by Keith and AmberV is one of the reasons that I commended Scrivener on this forum. In the last eighteen months, Keith has suffered criticism over the delays to the launch of Scrivener for iOS, and the information updates he’s provided - but I have sympathy with his position. Despite the tiny size of the L&L team, the development demands upon them and what must have been a huge increase in users, help has continued to be swiftly supplied - and as Keith has always said: “Buy software for what it is, not for what you hope it will become.”