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Exciting teaser for Notebooks

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Posted by MadaboutDana
May 9, 2015 at 07:11 PM


Hm, couple of those I don’t know, interesting…

Tapose was a huge disappointment, but I still occasionally play with it. Also worth mentioning is Circus Ponies Notebook, which can do side-by-side (and was one of the very first to do so, long before iOS 8).

I suppose, to be fair, one ought to include OneNote and therefore, by extension, Outline+, but as you say, they’re not really two-pane.

I would LOVE to see Gingko on iOS, but I doubt it’s going to happen! Similarly, I would LOVE to see Tree 2 on iOS, but ditto.

Scrivener apparently will have, once it’s available (mid/late summer???)

>Over here I have these apps that have side-by-side windows:
> >LiquidText (beta)
>MarginNote Pro
>Side by Side+
>Get Info
>Tapoose (I deleted this from iPad—too annoying)
> >Apps with PDF and notes in the same window, like OneNote, don’t really
>fit into Bill’s category I think.