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AllMyNotes users?

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Posted by Slartibartfarst
Apr 1, 2015 at 03:13 PM


@Ken: Yes, sooner or later unsatisfied CRIMPers like me (or you) are likely to broaden their seemingly never-ending search for THE ONE and bump into MS Office’s OneNote (“ON”), give it suck-it-and-see, and then discover to their complete surprise that it is an excellent PIM and seems to meet most of their needs and also a few needs (previously thought impossible) that they discover whilst using OneNote.
It is arguably the best of the pack at present, due to its being fully integrated with:
* all the other MS Office products and Internet Explorer, and includes OLE (Object Linking and Embedding);
* Windows Desktop Search (which annoyingly is NOT designed to work on Notebooks held on OneDrive);
* OneDrive (it’s all done automatically if you want to create your Notebooks there, or move them from your Desktop/Client PC);
* all main info types - including:
—- Text (txt, RTF, web pages)
—- Audio (OneNote can be set to automatically scan and index the detectable spoken words in audio files)
—- Images (OneNote can be set to automatically OCR scan and index the detectable text in any images copied into the Notebooks).

When you consider that if you are able to get it bundled with the MS Office Pro (Home Use licence) - all for US$10 (TEN dollars) - then probably it’s a no-brainer.

I am still using IS8 (InfoSelect ver.8), having been using successive IS versions since 1997/8. I stopped with IS8 even after trialling IS9 and IS10, as IS8 best met my peculiar requirements.
However, a while back I committed to using, learning and exploring OneNote, starting with the MS Office 2007 version. I currently run MSO 2013 (I skipped v2010).

I have posted not a few times about OneNote and my experiences on this subject on OutlinerSoftware.com and on DonationCoder.com. On the latter, I have tried to make a useful ongoing set of posts: Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

This hasn’t stopped me keeping a watchful eye on other PIMs, and I have by now trialled all the ones that seem to look any good on paper or by recommendation - and always in light of my own changing requirements.
My current favourites (greatest potential usefulness for me) amongst the latter group would be:
* Scrivener
* WizNote
* Zoot

I haven’t yet found anything as reliable or flexible as the FireFox “Scrapbook” extension, for accurately storing Web pages and linked hierarchical content, including embedded files, so I use Scrapbook (no other version names) as my main Website archive, and OneNote to contain web page content that is specifically relevant to a particular subject as and when I happen to be making notes about it.

Hope this helps or is of use.