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chart comparing outliners and task management software

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Posted by Marbux
Mar 3, 2015 at 06:07 AM


Jon Polish wrote:

>Dr Andus wrote:
>Maybe WorkFlowy, Scrivener, Whizfolders and Outline 4D could also be
>>added to this list? (Although O4D is unlikely to ever get another
>>update, and Whizfolders also hasn’t been updated for quite a while).
> >Actually Sanjay (the developer) has recently added footnotes and
>endnotes to the program. I have been asking for these additions for
>years and they work really well in the beta he sent me. Yes, development
>is slow, but that is because the program is mature and very stable.

I couldn’t tell from your comment which outliner just gained footnote support. Please enlighten me. That’s a feature I’ve wanted in an outliner forever, if the footnotes can be exported to HTML.