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Posted by Hugh
Dec 25, 2014 at 06:43 PM


Franz Grieser wrote:
Hugh wrote:
>>Interesting. Thanks, Franz. Papyrus is highly rated by a German author
>>whose work I respect. Its website says that an English version was
>>expected in the autumn this year, although I haven’t seen evidence of a
>>launch yet (perhaps I haven’t looked in the right places).
> >Your’re talking about Andreas Eschbach? I like some of his novels, too.
>BTW, he is also a member of the Scrivener forum.
> Yes. Good writer, helpful guy.

Franz Grieser wrote:
>Andreas had great influence on the development of Papyrus Autor,
>especially the style checker, which makes Papyrus unique. There is
>nothing like that in German software and I do not see anything similar
>in English software. What is more: Papyrus also includes an adapted
>edition of the Duden spell and grammar checker - that software used to
>be available for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice but was discontinued a
>few months ago. But the makers of Papyrus say that their cooperation
>with the Duden developers will continue.
> >I do not know whether and when a English edition of Papyrus will come
>out. I’d say that the style checking features would have to be developed
>from scratch maybe based on Strunk. We’ll see…
> >
Yes, that would have to be the case.

Here’s the English-language website: http://www.papyrus-author.com