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Posted by Franz Grieser
Dec 25, 2014 at 11:35 AM


Hugh wrote:
>Interesting. Thanks, Franz. Papyrus is highly rated by a German author
>whose work I respect. Its website says that an English version was
>expected in the autumn this year, although I haven’t seen evidence of a
>launch yet (perhaps I haven’t looked in the right places).

Your’re talking about Andreas Eschbach? I like some of his novels, too. BTW, he is also a member of the Scrivener forum.

Andreas had great influence on the development of Papyrus Autor, especially the style checker, which makes Papyrus unique. There is nothing like that in German software and I do not see anything similar in English software. What is more: Papyrus also includes an adapted edition of the Duden spell and grammar checker - that software used to be available for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice but was discontinued a few months ago. But the makers of Papyrus say that their cooperation with the Duden developers will continue.

I do not know whether and when a English edition of Papyrus will come out. I’d say that the style checking features would have to be developed from scratch maybe based on Strunk. We’ll see…