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Posted by Deevid
Dec 17, 2014 at 04:37 PM


I am in the process of researching and making notes for a literature review, and I am having a hard time to organize notes in a coherent and neat way.

I looked for ideas on the internet and bump into http://www.organizingcreativity.com, which explain a very interesting way of capturing and later organizing ideas by using the Circus Ponies Notebook (CPN).

The gist is to make notes of each reference source in CPN, and then copy the bits of information for each source into an outline, delineating the structure of your final product and shuffling the pieces of information until the outline flows the way you like. Finally you’d use a different application for the writing (e.g. Scrivener) by following that outline.

I’ve been unsuccessfully looking for an application with similar capabilities to Circus Ponies Notebook but for PC in Windows 7. The closer that I got was with NoteShare, which is fine but definitely not optimized for PC. The main features I am looking for are:
- Easy to use drag and drop outlining
- Easy to copy and paste from sources and between different outlines
- Can include pictures
- Tags
- Desktop and offline version
- Check boxes is a plus

Thank you