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moo.do - new service in the workflowy / checkvist space

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Posted by Dr Andus
Oct 16, 2014 at 10:38 PM


Garland Coulson wrote:
Sadly, it seems to have the same drawback I have with Workflowy -
>everything is in one big file. I prefer where I can save different
>outlines for each project as I often use these outlines as notes for my

Garland, apologies if I’ve already said this, but you could certainly use WF that way. You can just treat a particular item (bullet point) as the client folder, and then everything that goes under that directory is an isolated project. Then you can share that outline with your client by hovering your mouse over the top level bullet point (representing the client folder) and selecting a) “Share” (and email the URL of that sub-directory to your client to access a view-only or editable version) or b)  “Export” (to copy and paste the outline as formatted or unformatted list into an email and send it as text).

The beauty of Workflowy is that it leaves it completely up to the user whether a bullet-point item represents a list item, a folder, a category, a context (work, home etc.) or anything else. So you can just structure your top level hierarchy as you would a file directory, considering them folders, and then putting more folders or items into them. It’s the same idea as in Scrivener any folder can be turned into a document or a document back into a folder.