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GrandView on VMWare 7 on Vista64

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Posted by Backbutton
Jul 31, 2014 at 05:19 AM


I finally got Scrivner for Windows, but have not used it.  It is so complicated and not intuitive.  The tutorial is complex too.  I just bought another book on Scrivner to learn how to use it.

With Grandview, after a bit of time getting familiar with the keys, it is just type and think as you type, intuitively; if want to move or change a block, just cut and move, hoist and de-hoist a topic at will, totally reorganize, etc. 

I contacted Symantec and asked to buy the source code for GV, they checked and came back to me saying they had sold it, to they don’t know whom, and it was no longer available. 

So we would have to develop from scratch if we want a Windows version. 

My Vista 64 computer with VMware crashed, so using Windows 7 machine now, and have to reinstall VMware and Grandview.


Dr Andus wrote:
Backbutton wrote:
>>Gosh sure wish for a GV for Windows.  Is there a market?  Scrivner is
>>sale, wondering if I should buy; but nothing could compare to
>>flow of thinking, ability to change stuff around.
> >I haven’t had the pleasure of using GrandView, but I’d think that
>Outline 4D as a single-pane outliner with inline notes (which can be
>toggled off) is closer to GrandView than Scrivener (though a bit more