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Taking another look at Ulysses

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
May 18, 2014 at 01:05 AM



Speaking just for myself, I switched about six years ago because I wanted to use Scrivener and Tinderbox. I’ve come to like other apps, of course. But if you’re happy using CT on a Windows machine, there’s no reason to change. Sometimes I even imagine getting a cheap PC so I can run CT and the Windows version of OneNote.

Steve Z.

Dr Andus wrote:
Is this some kind of a mass phenomenon of switching to Macs, or have you
>all on this thread always been Mac users? I’m just wondering what the
>main attraction of Macs is these days, especially of users on this
>forum. In the UK there is a pretty big price difference between Windows
>and Mac machines, which has managed to put me off so far even from just
>contemplating such a switch. I’m just wondering if any of you were
>Windows users who have decided to switch to a Mac, and why?