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Taking another look at Ulysses

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Posted by Franz Grieser
May 17, 2014 at 09:51 PM


Funny thing. I tried to get the hang of Ulysses before Scrivener came out. But didn’t get it. I switched to Scrivener - but find myself using Scrivener mainly for structuring huge projects and for keeping notes (for 2 projects). For writing I still use LibreOffice Writer - and paste the finished text back into the Scrivener outline/folder structure. Just to to turn it into a scrivening which is processed in LibreOffice or Word or (for the current project) Calibre. All on Windows.
For the next projects (which are more visual), I plan to get a Macbook Air 13” for Scrivener and Curio - and I will give Ulysses 3 a try again, instead of LibreOffice.

BTW: I quit the Windows RT experiment (Dell XPS 10 plus keyboard dock). Windows RT just is not instant-on as the iPad or Android tablets. And if I have to wait for the tablet to boot I can do so on a Windows or Mac notebook and have the full scope of Windows or Mac OS X apps. Moreover, the Dell plus keyboard dock is as heavy as a Macbook Air but the Dell keyboard is not as good as the Macbook keyboard.