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No lock-in - criteria

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Mar 11, 2014 at 03:55 PM


Maties, I like how you applied your criteria. It fits for you and, in the final analysis for a matter such as this one, you are the only person who counts.

I have two questions.

The first is with regard to Docear. Is there a limit to how many documents you can work with efficiently using Docear? I like the way the FreePlane, the underlying program for Docear, handles notes. But for some reason I think it might be problematic using Docear for storage beyond a certain point (and I could easily be wrong!).

My second question is with regard to your third pick - Devon Think - which you selected because of its indexing capability. Given the importance of budget and the need for indexing, I ask whether Mendeley might be a solution for indexing, as well as storing if indeed there is a practical upper limit on what Docear will handle. I have about 3,000 PDFs, mostly academic related to psychology, trauma, narrative (stories, story telling, healing implications of story use) etc. stored in Mendeley.

Those docs in Mendeley live on my hard drive, but are also accessible on the cloud, which is a way of backing everything up.

I see on the Mendeley site they have iPhone and iPad capability.


Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing your process.


maties wrote:

>Dr Andus wrote:
>maties wrote:
>>>Intuitive, no lock-in and free software with built-in intelligence is
>>>the answer to master the work in 2014.
>>If there is no such a thing though, which criteria are you willing to
>>give up first?
> >Priority
>1. No lock-in, free, all platforms (win mac linux) —-  Docear for
>storing and compatibility
> >2. lock-in, not free, but 2 platforms (win mac)—-  Scrivener for
> >3. lock-in (but folder index possible), not free, only 1 platform (mac
>only) - but super feature built-in intelligence - Devonthink