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CRIMP Defined





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Posted by Dr Andus
Jan 17, 2014 at 01:02 PM


MadaboutDana wrote:
Thanks for drawing our attention to this new feature. It’s very
>impressive. Makes me all the more anxious to see an (offline) Gingko
>app, frankly.

I found one good use for the hoist feature already. Some of my earlier Gingko drafts got a bit messy to navigate, once I’ve got my notes, the outline, and the draft alongside one another. However, the new hoist feature allows you to effectively mimic a Scrivener-like system, if in the first column (top level hierarchy) you create a “draft” card (and branch) and a “research” card (and branch). Hiding one or the other than allows you to focus on one or the other. A very clean and neat solution.

Franz Grieser wrote:
Gingko looks impressing. But I am reluctant to use an online-only
>application for my work. I did not find any mention of plans for an
>offline app.
>Bill or Dr. Andus: Any news regarding an offline app?

I was told that it’s definitely on the road map and that there are many users requesting it (including me), and that they have already done some work on it. Off-line access also seems to be the developer’s pet research area, so I’m hopeful that something will come of it.

Personally I’d be already happy with an offline Chrome app implementation, just like WorkFlowy’s.

For now I do back up my Gingko trees regularly. It takes about 3 mouse clicks, and the text files are tiny, so it’s a small footprint.