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Happy New Year fellow CRIMPers!

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jan 1, 2014 at 12:44 PM


I hope the new year is finding everyone healthy, happy and prepared for another great year of discussing the software that simultaneously makes us productive and helps us avoid working.

Speaking of which, I am excited by the addition of a MacBook Air 11” to my collection of gadgets. I recently bought the new machine because I was frustrated that I didn’t find better use for my iPad Mini. The latter is a great device, but I just can’t crank out any writing of substance on it. The onscreen keyboard is just insufficient. I’ve tried portable external keyboards, and those remain too small. I was also contemplating getting a regular size iPad, but that would leave me with the same problem really. So I got the Air, which isn’t really a whole lot bigger than an iPad, has a great keyboard and I can run Tinderbox and Scrivener on it, as well as a few other necessary Mac OS apps.

What has you excited about the new year (CRIMP-wise, that is)?

Steve Z.