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Has anyone gotten into the new Wunderlist?

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Nov 13, 2013 at 10:54 AM


I like the ideas behind Wunderlist, and I love company’s website and general enthusiasm. But there are shortcomings - I regularly go back to Wunderlist (because it’s so totally cross-platform), then find myself abandoning it for other solutions that are just “friendlier”, somehow. I’m currently experimenting with TickTick.com (nice iOS, Android, web apps) and Todo.ly (very nice web app, nice iOS app). I find that increasingly, I’m looking for the following:

a) list of categories/projects/folders etc. down the left-hand side (spot the outliner user!). Ideally foldable, but that’s not critical.
b) list of tasks (plus ideally subtasks) in the middle window. Ideally with first line of comment/note shown, too.
c) full details of whichever task I happen to be looking at in right-hand window, with plenty of space for notes/comments

Now I like these things to be simple and clear, which is why I’ve moved away from Remember The Milk (nice iOS app, but fussy categories; disastrous web app) and Doit.im (again, good-looking, but over-fussy). I moved back to the very, very simple for a while (Priorities on iOS/the web), and enjoyed that; but the three-pane concept described above appeals to me most of all.

I don’t like complex task managers (Pocket Informant, 2Do); you spend more time arranging things or entering details than you do on the tasks themselves! Currently TickTick.com has held my loyalty longer than most, not because it’s perfect, but because it combines just enough complexity with an overarchingly simple structure.

If Wunderlist allowed you to (a) color categories and (b) keep the ‘task details’ window permanently open, I would probably move back to it. But there’s something a bit too “list-like” about Wunderlist at the moment. The best task apps are the ones that make you smile when you open them (which is why I keep Priorities around - it always makes me smile!).