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The wonderful Numbers

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Posted by Bernhard
Nov 7, 2013 at 07:58 AM


I’m afraid Apple turns more and more into a picture/video/social media/tablet game company and isn’t interested in office like software any more.

Once I turned to a Mac because of its wonderful synthesis of a command line unix and GUI. There is plenty of Unix software I can use and there are very interesting tools like Scrivener, Tinderbox and many more.

Nevertheless, I installed Parallels to run some Windows tools that don’t have a counterpart on OS X.

But now, I have to rethink if it wouldn’t be the time to go back to Windows and install VMWare to run Linux besides Windows.

I’m very frustrated that a software like QuarkExpress v9 doesn’t work on Mavericks any more and Apple cuts iCal synchronization, urges me into iCloud, cripples Pages/Numbers and what will show up next.

Yes, Windows isn’t the answer to everything but more and more I think it wouls be the smoother way to go.