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CRIMP Defined




A Lot of Buzz about ConnectedText, but what about Mac users?

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Posted by Nhaps
Nov 5, 2013 at 02:12 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
I’d like to know what you feel is lacking in your current work flow that
>you expect CT to improve. CT is an outstanding all-in-one application,
>but I don’t think it is a better writing environment than Scrivener.
>It’s not a better outliner than OmniOutliner. It’s not a better
>reference manager than Sente. And it is not a better free form database
>than Devon Think.* You could probably eschew all those other programs
>and just use CT, but I’m not sure that will make you more productive,
>especially when you add in the learning curve. I’m just curious. Is
>there a specific issue you need to address, or are you just suffering
>from CRIMP?

Reassuring comment, an all-in-one package cannot supersede the academic workflow I now have in mac. The specific issue we need to address is that Tinderbox is the only software I now that provides tools for conceptualizing and organizing material from a database (DT for example) so that it can be used for writing (Scrivener). There is no time for the learning curve.

As for CRIMP, what I am complaining about is the lack of software in the category of Tinderbox, just the opposite of CRIMP.