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A Lot of Buzz about ConnectedText, but what about Mac users?

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Posted by Nhaps
Nov 5, 2013 at 01:32 PM


DD Bw wrote:
if you are writing your dissertation, Sublime Text 2 does a better job
>than Scrivener. Some people have developed great tools for writing latex
>in Sublime Text. Sente works quite good with the Latex as it exports
>decent quality Bib file. Tinderbox, arcane app,  is a pain for
>composition since it can integrate neither to the latex not to the MS
>word writing environment easily. Tinderbox is really not a practical
>application to get things done. It is just great for the curious
>tinkering; spending your time playing with its maps, agents and
>adornments. as its file organization system heavily relies on propriety
> metadata (attributes), when you migrate to another software, you will
>understand that all the time you spend organizing the notes in TB is a
>time you spent on vain. I wouldn’t recommend TB for dissertation.  You
>would better go for a more flexible application that can import
>different formats as image, rtf files, pdfs, export to different
>formats. TB can do none of them. Writing templates to make exports is a
>heck of a pain; you will spend your time tinkering with the agents than
>getting your dissertation done. 
> >- you can try connected Text using CrossOver in Mac bzw. it works quite

Thanks for your suggestion. The problem with Sublime is that it does not support right to left (RTL) languages like Hebrew, so I can’t use it for my research. Tinderbox has its place, but I agree that its exporting formats are poor. I will keep an eye on the upcoming 6 version. CrossOver for CT is an option, will look into it.