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CRIMP Defined




A Lot of Buzz about ConnectedText, but what about Mac users?

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Posted by Nhaps
Nov 1, 2013 at 07:00 PM


I am new to the website, so the moderator is taking more time to post my replies. Sorry if it does not appear in order.

My bottleneck is the lack of outline capability in Scrivener plus the lack of ease for wiki/link creation throughout the document. The outliner is geared for only first and second levels, including a synopsis. It does not go deep enough for paragraph levels, for example. Internal links work only for documents. For this reason Scrivener staff recommends splitting up your project into smaller documents, so one could use labels, keywords, etc…

But the lack of integration is still there because the outliner is enslaved to the binder, and these work only at the surface of the project. The Reference pane is helpful, but cannot be implemented into a useful sub outlines to structure the project. Now, even without trialing I can see CT addressing this:


The concept of an outline “within” an outline is a killer feature, with the option to link part of a second outline to the project outline (or in its entirety for that matter) references, with