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A Lot of Buzz about ConnectedText, but what about Mac users?

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Posted by Nhaps
Nov 1, 2013 at 04:06 PM


There is no doubt that currently no software in the Mac platform can match all that is featured in CT 6. I have been influenced on this by the posts of Dr Andus, Manfred, and others.

But the question is Can Mac users like me get all the benefit that Windows users enjoy? For one, we would have to shell out a lot: 1) Windows 8, 2) Parallels 9, and 3) CT itself.

A problem I anticipate is the limitation of the number of floating windows under only one Parallels monitors. A second question is the reference managers I use (Sente), which I would have to abandon. Another is that I am in the middle of my dissertation, and most probably this migration to CT would hamper me, although I am having problems with my Scrivener-Omnioutliner-Sente-DevonThink workflow. What I like about DT is that I paste links of the desired pdf page, and documents, right in the comments and footnotes of Scrivener. I mainly rely on the search features in DT where I have close to 10k of pdfs.

There are many features that only CT6 can offer, from what I have seen. I would like to hear from users who had a similar mac workflow and took to plunge to add CT to their workflow. The strongest proponents of CT in this resourceful website are Windows users. So far I have no information on the perspective of Mac users on their CT experience.