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two-pane outliner that can show more than one note at a time in the viewer/editor pane?

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Posted by Dr Andus
Oct 12, 2013 at 12:01 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
It’s true, of course, that if (and it usually does) the text runs off
>the bottom of the page in the scrivenings view, you can’t see it. But
>Scrivener allows you to open other notes in “quick reference panels,”
>and as many of these as you want (or can practically keep on your
>screen), so you can be referring to other notes as you write. Not 100%
>sure the Windows version has this feature yet.

I couldn’t find it in the Windows version, but I just realised that it’s possible to right-click on any item and select “Open in Other Editor,” which then splits the window and displays the note next to your currently edited or viewed note. So at least you can view two notes at the same time.