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two-pane outliner that can show more than one note at a time in the viewer/editor pane?

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Posted by Dr Andus
Oct 11, 2013 at 12:33 PM


Jon Polish wrote:
>you can do this in
>WhizFolders. Select a topic and open it in the Advanced Editor. Select
>another topic and do the same. Initially the topics open as tabbed items
>in the advanced editor window, but these can be rearranged to suit your

Indeed. That does seem to give Whizfolders an edge over Scrivener in this regard. I just wish there was a distraction-free writing mode for each and every Whizfolders pane. Even when I remove all the toolbars from all the windows there is still too much distracting “chrome” for my liking (but that might be just personal preference).