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Scrivener 2.4 now available

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Posted by Hugh
Oct 10, 2013 at 05:19 PM


And any of the books are also pretty helpful. I’ve read or skimmed most of them, and I haven’t found a weak one yet.

Incidentally, Scrivener isn’t really a word processor, in the traditional sense of ‘software which lays out pages’. It will lay out simple pages, but the truth is that Scrivener is about filling the gap between the ideas in your head and long-form drafting on the page. Scrivener is about getting ideas, their expression and their order right (and incidentally, secure), especially in the drafting of long-form items such as theses, academic reports and, of course, novels. It regards precise formatting and layout as stages that can come later (rightly in my view), using Scrivener or a more precisely suited piece of software.