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ConnectedText v6 is out

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Posted by Hugh
Oct 4, 2013 at 08:20 AM


Dr Andus wrote:
@ Franz - thanks for the Scrivener and Word templates. I checked them
>out, but I still prefer Gingko for the simple reason that you can see at
>least the top 3 levels of the “snowflake” side-by-side horizontally, and
>Gingko’s “fruit machine” interface makes it very easy to quickly switch
>between parts > chapters > sections etc.
> >Hugh wrote:
>>A similar if slightly more awkward result can also be achieved with MS
>>Excel* (which I seem to remember Randy Ingermanson himself recommended
>>at some point).
> >Yes, in the end Excel is a large table of index cards. When it comes to
>single lines of text, I do use it a lot (especially for project
>planning). But with Gingko one can actually start writing the text. I do
>have other index card based software (Outline 4D, Story Turbo,
>Scrivener, even OneNote), but each have some limitations in their use of
>the cards.
> >Okay, we’ve gone a bit off-topic re CT v.6 ;)

One more bit of off-topickery (because it may be of use to somebody), and then I’ll stop: there was at one time a plug-in/add-on for Excel that helped considerably with the task of writing text in its cells. I used it before I abandoned Windows, and I remember somebody boasting that they’d written a novel with it. But I couldn’t find the software in a quick skim of Google yesterday evening.

Sorry - back to CT v.6.