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Writing Outliner for MS Word Soon on BitsDuJour

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Posted by 22111
Aug 2, 2013 at 03:33 PM


- I should add that in my description above, I assumed that moving around entries within the tree also moves around any “entries” (together with their physical file parts) that are indented “under” those entries, like in any traditional outliner. (And I hope this assumption is correct?)

- I understand considerations with regard to speed and stability, but all I know is that Scrivener does not handle any cross-referencing and will probably never do, since its target audience is not academic writing, but that cross-referencing within Word is possible, within ONE Word file at least, hence my question if WO is able to manage such cross-referencing on this broader “project” scope even, which would be quite fantastic.

Thank you for this info and this link, which is very instructive. “ProjectFolders” is a very good name, and “ProjectFolders add-in will greatly utilize a tagging system for file management, this approach has been proven by Gmail, EverNote, etc.” seems to be a very smart move, marketing-wise, albeit not being on purpose for academic writing, so I fear if “total cross-referencing” is not within the current version, it will probably be not in future versions either, since what can be found at your link seems to indicate quite another direction of development.