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CRIMP Defined




Celtx -- Anyone aware of this program?

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Posted by Dr Andus
May 23, 2013 at 09:19 AM


Hugh wrote:
>Tinderbox has its ‘treemap’ view, which is vertical in the sense you
>describe above. I’ve never used this view, because its outline, timeline
>and map views are much more useful.

Alexander Deliyannis wrote:
>I think the most obvious example is Tree for Mac
>http://www.topoftree.jp/en/tree/ (the fact that it’s the first that
>comes to my mind even though I have never myself used a Mac is rather

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac :(

>Otherwise, the ‘affinity’ or ‘left to right’ style in mind mappers is
>probably what you will usually encounter. A similar approach is provided
>by B-liner http://www.bliner.com/gallery-2/

Thanks for the B-liner suggestion. I played with it a bit and it’s interesting what a difference square connecting lines make vs. the usual rounded lines in mind mappers.

However, I’m still yearning for a horizontal Outline 4D solution. I’m finding that with B-liner and mind mappers it’s all too easy to forget what the top level hierarchy was about, as you keep drilling down into the sub-sub levels.

While with an O4D-type solution each sub-level is a box within the level above (a box within a box within a box etc.), so it’s easier to see that a higher level hierarchy literally contains its lower level items. I’m surprised that there aren’t more software that picked up on this seemingly basic but very useful idea.

I’ll need to play a bit more with B-liner, but for now it seems expensive at USD89.95. I’ve also just received a “special” (?) offer for a Mindjet perpetual license for GBP238.80, which is a lot more but sounds like you also get more for the bang?