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Information conveniently captured in Evernote; now what?

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Posted by Franz Grieser
Mar 25, 2013 at 08:34 AM



Dr. Andus wrote:

>Yes. But I think there is another issue here. A distinction needs to be made between note-taking (as in “data capture”)
>and taking note (as in “making a note of something”). Just because Evernote is good at the former, it does not make it
>necessarily suitable for the latter.

>In fact I would argue that it even makes sense to build a “firewall” with some filters to separate captured data from actual notes.
>I don’t buy the “put all your notes in one system” mantra, unless this one system allows you to separate captured data from
>your own notes (or “data” from “information”) and also provides tools for processing (analysis and synthesis).

Same with me. Though I use the term “note-taking” differently: Note-taking Franz-style is writing down notes or scribbling vs. collecting input from webpages or transcribing paragraphs from books/magazines (taking note is something completely different in German = noticing).

I use Evernote for collecting - to be more precise, for dumping info into a storage pile where I later (or while dumping) select the heap the info snippet is to go to.
But I feel terribly incomfortable taking my own notes in Evernote. I use various tools for that: Noteliner, LibreOffice Writer, Scrivener, XMind, OneNote - depending on the project and the kind of notes I am taking (“thinking on paper/screen” is done in Noteliner or XMind, elaborating on a subject is mostly done in LibreOffice or Scrivener, for one project in OneNote).
Evernote feels clumsy when actually writing and is of no use when brainstorming/thinking/reordering/filtering…