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CRIMP Defined




Putting down text now, connecting it later

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Posted by shatteredmindofbob
Mar 18, 2013 at 12:20 AM


Thanks for the help, everyone.

Though, I’m not quite ‘getting’ the free-floating nodes in Freeplane. Maybe there’s some kind of bug, but they seem to overlap every time I create a new one and I can’t seem to drag one by itself, the rest all follow. Doesn’t help that there’s no keyboard shortcut to create a new free node.

Scrivener, I really need to spend some more time learning. Seems like there’s more to it than just being a really good combination of a word processor and note taker.

As for Brainstorm, looks like we may have a winner. But man, could it use an update. Or some enterprising person who wants to create an updated version…

Or I guess I could go analog and sit on the floor with a pen and a bunch of index cards…