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Your top 3 tools?

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Mar 4, 2013 at 03:43 PM


1. TheBrain. This is my repository for both miscellaneous and project-specific stuff, and I can keep it synchronized across my work Windows PC and my home MackBook. I can drag in almost any type of file to organize it. But I don’t find TheBrain is very good at actually creating an organizing notes, so I also use…

2. Evernote. This is the application I use to capture notes and other textual data. Sometimes I store the information in Evernote, and other times I transfer it to an application like Devonthink on my MacBook or…

3a. Zoot. This remains and important information management application for me on my office PC. Of all the applications I’ve tried over the years, Zoot still seems the best to me of balancing the advantages of a free form database with those of a structured database.

Honorable mention:

3b. Scrivener. I am using Scrivener to write a history book, so I am using it extensively at the moment. When not occupied with a large writing project, I may not open Scrivener for several weeks, which is why it didn’t make the actual top three.

4. Tinderbox. Just because it is my favorite application, though I don’t rely on it as heavily as the others. I am hoping that may change when and if we get the promised iPad version… or, even better, the long, long awaiting Windows version.

Steve Z.