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CRIMP Defined




Been there, done that. Now I am doing it again, and I know better.

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Posted by Magenda
Feb 10, 2013 at 11:14 PM


Spent the morning doing the Scrivener tutorial.  Finally, got to putting some of my files together, but see it will take more effort than I have time right now.  I will go back to Notemap2 for now, and hope to have some “free time” at some point to build up my Project in Scrivener.

Early days for Scrivener, but hopeful.  Time is one thing I don’t have a lot of.

I might be able to use Scrivener to manipulate my Notes, and pop them into Notemap, better than just trying to do it in Notemap. 

“4D” looks garish, but if it would let me pop my Notepad outlines in and manipulate them better, I would go for it.  Does it give a good printed output, formatted presentably?

I am amazed at how quickly one can switch between programs, with quick learning curves.  It was very easy to pop my outlines into Treepad, Bonsai, but just not easy to get the output and massaging text I need.  Similarly with scrivener, though it did take a while to wade through the tutorial.

Thanks folks.