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CRIMP Defined




lightweight 2-pane outliner for breaking up text quickly

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Posted by Dr Andus
Feb 6, 2013 at 10:01 AM


jimspoon wrote:
i was just wondering, the Guide couldn’t be much good for splitting up
>the text ... if you do find a double-paner that has split/join
>functions, let us know!

No, you’re right, I haven’t solved that particular problem yet. Although Scrivener suddenly got a lot quicker, so it might work out in the end. As if the Scrivener people have been reading this thread… :)

>would it be possible to use another tool for splitting, export to tab
>indented, and then import that into a double-paner?

I think an AutoHotkey script (or some other macro) would be more convenient. In the end all the script would need to do is 1) cut selected text and everything below it, 2) create new note, 3) paste text, using selection as title. AHK is on my list of things to learn…