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Advice needed from Mac owners

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Posted by Franz Grieser
May 1, 2007 at 11:03 PM



>1.  Tinderbox (one of the reasons I want to get the Mac
>notebook).  I got tired of waiting for the Windows version.

You´ll get Yoyimbo with the Tinderbox license. Yoyimbo is a nice clipping manager and text database. It’s not as powerful as Zoot, Infoselect or Ultra Recall but a good piece of software where you may put stuff and organize it before moving it to Tinderbox.

>2.  Mac Wordprocessor (I
>can’t recall the one that has been recommended here)

I recommend Scrivener (http://www.litteratureandlatte.com).
If you don´t like it: Check out Jer´s Novel Writer, Ulysses or Avenir.

>3.  Bibliographic software (I
>think I might stick with Endnote)
> >I can get MS Office for Mac through a program we have
>at my university.

A free alternative to Microsoft Office is NeoOffice (the Java edition of Mac OpenOffice.org).

>So, is there any other program can you recommend for writing? 

If the outlining feature in Scrivener does not satisfy you, check out

- Omnioutliner (http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omnioutliner/)
- or TAO (http://artec-software.com/products/neo/en_index.html) - both are excellent outliners; for my needs, however, the outliner in Scrivener is more than good enough.

In case, Yoyimbo/Tinderbox does you meet your requirements, try Devonthink Pro or Office.

I think the piece of software you were looking for is Scrivener.