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Writing Software for Writers

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Posted by Dr Andus
Dec 27, 2012 at 05:31 PM


Just stumbled upon this fairly comprehensive list at http://www.skwriter.com/professional-development/business-of-writing/writers-office:

- Scrivener: Designed to make writing first drafts easier and to organize a project.
- WriteRoom: Provides a writer with a distraction free writing zone.
- Ulysses: A program for creative writers.
- CopyWrite: A project manager for writers.
- Jer’s Novel Writer: This software allows writers to work their way through the writing process, annotating their text using margin notes, and has a basic database for storing ideas, character information and research.
- StoryMill: Allows a writer to manage scenes, chapters, and characters while also annotating their text.
- PaperToolsPro: A tool that mostly focuses on writers for research papers, helping them to assemble a paper while keeping track of references and avoiding plagiarism
- Omni Outliner: A tool that helps facilitate the outlining, organizing and brainstorming aspects for a project.
- MacJournal: Blogging software.
- Mellel: Word processing software.
- Bean: Word processing software.
- Pagehand: Word processing software.
- Mariner Write: Word processing software.
- Final Draft: Word processing software.
- CelftX: Word processing software.
- Movie Magic Screenwriter: Word processing software.
- Movie Draft: Word processing software.
- Montage: Word processing software.
- Page Four: A tool for editing, organizing, word processing, and outlining.
- Rough Draft: Helps a writer create and edit rich text files in a tabbed interface.
- Write Way Pro: This software is designed as a professional writer’s tool. Having such applications as “scratch pad”, word processing and forms outlining characters.Outline 4D: An organizational tool for writers.
- Write Monkey: This software is focused on the development of text, rather than the editing process.
- Connected Text: Management system.
- iWrite Assistant: This program is directed to freelance writers and journalists, allowing them to track and organize their projects. This is a web-based program that can be accessed through any computer.