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Collectors/floating windows/icons

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Apr 20, 2007 at 08:48 PM


Jan Rifkinson wrote:
> >
>Hugh Pile wrote:
>>Scrivener, whose praises I’m always ready to sing, has a
>floating scratchpad
>>for rapid thought-recording (as have several Mac
>note/databank programmes, such as
> >Do you know of a similar writing
>tool for windows? Thanks.

I have never used Scrivener, just looked longingly at the web site, but I don’t believe anything in the PC world comes close. The only software I can think of that packs so many writing tools under one “hood” is Liquid Story Binder. But LSB doesn’t integrate its tools very effectively. The developer, Jesse Walls, does seem to work at breakneck speed to the point where it is difficult to keep up with the latest version. There’s a beta of the next generation LSB, which looks promising, but still not the tool Scrivener appears to be.

Steve Z.