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New Ipad, what apps to put on it?

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Posted by Dr Andus
Dec 14, 2012 at 05:27 PM


Franz Grieser wrote:
>I find it good for notetaking and brainstorming on the go. Creating
>notes, moving notes, color-coding notes and even stacking notes is
>straightforward, exporting to a RTF file works fine.

Thanks for that, it does look interesting.

>Therefore I am still searching for an app that allows me to seamlessly
>work on files both on the iPad and on my Windows PC. Maybe the
>combination of Outline+ and Outlook 2010 will be the solution (until
>Scrivener for iPad is available).

SplashNotes Outliner (http://www.splashdata.com/splashnotes/) might be one option, as it has a desktop companion. [Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the iOS app.]

SplashNotes seems to have succeeded where Natara Software had failed: they managed to transition from the Palm world into the smartphone world. I have evaluated them back six or so years ago for the Palm+Desktop option.

The standalone Windows desktop version is very similar to Natara Bonsai, as it is a 2-pane outliner that can be used as a 1-pane outliner. I liked the way it looked but went with Bonsai as the latter was more feature-rich.

It seems that for the Mac version they’ve turned it into a 2-pane outliner, but I may be wrong. But it does look a lot less sophisticated than the Win version.

So SplashNotes can be added to the list of single-pane outliners (once you close the Outline File List):