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New Ipad, what apps to put on it?

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Dec 14, 2012 at 04:59 PM


Well, OneNote and the various OneNote clients for iOS are definitely a good option.

Otherwise there’s the iOS text editor plus Dropbox plus Windows text editor approach (quite popular, as you’ll have gathered!). This isn’t quite as desperate as it sounds, because an increasing number of iOS text editors support Markdown, which means you can use something like Resophnotes (or my favourite, MarkdownPad) on Windows.

But if you want to go slightly more sophisticated you could try something like Textilus, which is Dropbox-compatible but handles RTF files.

There are some unusual alternative options, too, like Celtx (a low-cost alternative to Scrivener). The Windows version of that (Celtx Plus, the paying version) syncs with the iOS version. It’s actually quite powerful.

I share your suspicion of Evernote. I like Alfons Schmid’s Notebooks, but seem to remember you didn’t get on with it. The PC client is very friendly, however.

Or you could try something like Tonido, which allows you to treat your desktop machine as a web server. There are a load of widgets (quite powerful applications) available for Tonido that support simple cross-platform transfer from your iOS device to your Windows desktop and vice versa. And it’s free. It’s a very useful alternative to the thousands of web-based services that have sprung up everywhere (e.g. Workflowy).

Finally, I’m watching with interest to see if the developer of Cotton Notes (now one of the best iOS outliners, and fully OPML-compatible) is going to produce a desktop client. He’s been dropping hints…