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Is there an outline program that allows tagging text with different layers?

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Posted by Foolness
Dec 8, 2012 at 01:12 AM


For outline shrinking, there’s Treesheets: http://treesheets.com/

For format specific lay-outs, the pro version of Jarte has something they call personalities: http://www.jarte.com/jarte_plus.html

For something advanced, this is marketed as a code editor but I assume you can do some powerful tricks for your task with Sublime Text: http://www.sublimetext.com/

For something less advanced but just as powerful, there’s Scrivener.

For something like Scrivener but free, there’s Writemonkey’s reference text: http://writemonkey.com/

They are not the ideal software but they are focused enough for the task I would assume. The toughest task is differentiating between “layers” that can work like Liquid Story Binder and annotations that could be better off being done in a specific annotation software. None of which I’m familiar with. The other tough task is what the final output is intended to be and how the search of the tags will be done.