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CRIMP Defined




Core distinguishing features of two-pane PIMs

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Posted by Dr Andus
Dec 7, 2012 at 10:04 PM


Thanks for that list, Steve. It made me think that there are at least two ways to approach this classification problem:

1) what the main distinguishing features are (which could be done in a spreadsheet or matrix fairly easily and objectively), and

2) what the software are particularly good for (i.e. possession of certain feature may not guarantee that the software is actually good for carrying out the associated task). I realise this second criterion is less objective and more open to debate. Maybe this could be implemented by user reviews or ranking.

I guess what I’m getting at is that there isn’t a single marketplace (website) where all these features and benefits are laid out transparently enough (for two-pane PIMs). Maybe it’s unrealistic to expect that someone would construct such a place just for 2-pane PIMS, but maybe it could be a subsection of an existing software marketplace(?)

Interestingly some software such as Scrivener or Outline 4D have made it onto Amazon for instance, however, it’s a very niche userbase that seems to be going there to review them (practising or aspiring fiction or script writers).